Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1:20am PST. turned the corner to hike Mt Whitney Pass Rd. 13 to go. He has 8 hrs 40 min to do it. Send him your good vibes.


  1. Darren, I believe in you. YOU CAN DO THIS!! I've seen with my own eyes how deep you can dig to reach your goals. Tap into your mental toughness and go get that finish line!!! Mindy

  2. Almost there Darren!!!!! I KNOW you can do it! Congrats to you and the team for making it this far, looking forward to seeing another incredible picture of all of you crossing the finish line!!!

  3. Big D!!! May the Lord renew your strenght as you trust in him to see you to the finish, keep pressing on by his Spirit. Go plastic man, you can do this. This is it take it to the finish. Good job crew in all your support for our boy.

  4. Darren,

    You were the topic of conversation today at spin class as we missed you terribly (and even more so since an instructor never showed). We all have been tracking you and are amazed by your spirit and endurance. You inspired us to "stay tough up here" (pointing to head) and stick together to spin for an hour unguided. :0) Which is nothing really compared to what you are doing, or have done, but the point is you have gotten in our heads and we hear your words when things get tough to stay motivated, no matter what the situation.

    Sending you good thoughts, wishing you strength and a speedy recovery (REALLY speedy since we can't take another "no show" type day!) :0P

    Your Wednesday Gang,
    Bill, Dave, Tom, Amy, Lynn, Ned, & Heidi

  5. Go Darren, Go! You are a rock star!

    Diana Widmer