Monday, July 11, 2011

Delayed update from this morning(Monday Jul 11)

Tried to update earlier today but cell coverage was down.  At 1:23 PST we did a crew shift change..Jess and Ken W. went out with Darren and at that point they were at mile 20.  Darren was doing well and a little ahead of schedule.  He was eating and drinking a lot and according to plan.  He was also sticking to his plan of running 4 mins/walking 1 min to make sure he didn't go out too fast.   Both crews are staying hydrated as well.  The wind was very strong but it was a tail wind so that was helping Darren a lot.  The flip side of that is that the wind combined with the heat was making it very easy to dehydrate so we are keeping a close eye on his fluid intake through our log to make sure he drinks enough.  Darren changed his shoes at mile 17 at Furnace Creek just to get a different feel for his feet.    Our next shift change will be when Darren reaches Stove Pipe Wells which should be around 7:00 pm PST  and then me, Ken K. and Audrey will take over till around 2:30 a.m.  We have all our reflective gear and head lamps ready to go.  Will try to post some pics soon.
Jess will try to update when she can later tonite...stay tuned..:)


  1. Way to go Darren and crew! Duane - thanks for the update - we all are cheering for you and the team! You are an inspiration. In fact, when I'm out running and feel I can't go anymore I think back to seeing you run the 20 plus miles a few weeks ago and that keeps me going! Stay safe. Ivy n Jeremy

  2. Darn- lost my comment. If it's twice- so be it!! Darren and Crew- looking great!! Goodness, my 10 miles today sucked!! Thought about the "Sexy-6" the entire run!! It was HOT here today!! Was a BadWater- wanna-be day!! :) You guys rock! Keep pushing (ACDC) and rock on DF!!

  3. I wish Darren and his crew all the best. I hope Darren can find his mental running zone and finish strong. Todd (Fitchburg, WI)