Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update, Sunday, July 10, 2011 - night before the race

It's been a pretty nice day thus far. We got up for breakfast, coffee and last minute ice pick-up.  Heading the 2.5 hours to Furnace Creek to get Darren to packet pickup, with only one little hiccup (see previous post...Mr Police grabbed us at 85, but let us go at 83...oh gee thanks.

After packet pickup, Audrey, Jessica and Darren headed to Stove Pipe Wells to check-in at the hotel, while Duane, KW and Mr T (that's Ken Wood for those who are interested) headed to Dantes View to check out the Death Valley landscape.

After some lunch at the saloon here in SPW, and a dip in the pool, the four guys went to the mandatory race meeting (only three crew could could + Darren) in Furnace Creek. Audrey and Jessica stayed back to get all the food, coolers and ice layed out and the next two days planned out.

Now, the girls are waiting for the boys to return while sipping a glass of wine and updating the blog. 

You might get a few more updates from us before the night is over. If not, we will be in touch tomorrow morning!

Sleep tight everyone!

Audrey and Jessica

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  1. Work together and stay cool. Good luck Darren.