Thursday, June 16, 2011

135 miles and counting....

words from Darren....

Welcome to our blog.  It is hard to believe this journey is about to begin.  However, for me it has already been quite the journey.  As a 24 year cancer survivor, my journey began long long ago.  I am excited to have such wonderful family and friends who have so supported me in my life and generously embraced our Badwater/Gilda's Club fundraiser.  As of today, June 16th, we are nearly at $7K of our $10K goal!!!!   I cannot thank all of you enough for your support.  Let's hit this goal together for the sake of all who have been touched by cancer.
This year, I am honored to have the "Fab 5 embarking on this journey with me.  Audrey (WI), Jessica (WI), Ken K (GA), Ken W (WI), and Duane (FL).  These individuals are more than my support.  They are the TEAM as we make the 135 mile trek through temperatures in excess of 125 F.  Also making this happen are my awesome supporters for this race including SBR Coaching, Fleet Feet-Madison, Trek Stores of Madison, and Gilda's Club.  Thank you thank you for all you have done to help the race become a reality.


  1. Good luck Darren. I'm rooting for you and will be following your race.