Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's to Come

I (Jessica Laufenberg) have created this blog to experience, live and share a four day journey that, Darren and the Fab 5, will adventure on this July, 2011.

A solo runner, tough as nails, will start on a warm Monday morning to start making his way from the lowest elevation in the U.S. (Badwater, 282 feet below sea level) to the porthole (8,360 ft) of the summit of Mt Whitney (14,497 ft above sea level).

Oh, and did I state that these places are in Death Valley, CA?

Watching every step are five motivated accessories that will make sure this runner will handle the heat (and it's a dry heat, ha!), drink water, eat food and, the funnest job of all - blister care!

Follow us on this journey.

Share your support to Darren.

Give us comments to share with him when the stars are dancing in the sky at 3 a.m. in the morning.

We will have updates, pictures, video, comments and more.

So, stay tuned my's gonna be a good one.


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