Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rockin' the crew van at 4000 feet.


  1. DARREN - Its Ryan - KEEP GOING!

  2. Darren-

    Watching you every step of the way dude. RIGHT NOW is where you MAKE IT HAPPEN! RIGHT NOW is where ALL the 50k training runs, ALL the shoes you sweat through on the treadmill, ALL the presentations and speaches you gave, ALL the miles you logged walking at 15% with a space heater in your face, ALL hours you sat in the sauna, RIGHT NOW is what you've prepared for BETTER THAN ANY OTHER RACER! You've kicked the shit out of this when beat cancer, you've kicked the shit out of this when you overcome life obstacles. Thats not a finish line, that's another challenger trying to take you down. Do what you've ALWAYS done RIGHT NOW!