Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update from Lone Pine - 1:40pm PST

Ken and Jessica took over the night shift at 1:30am.  When we arrived, Darren wasn't moving very far or fast. The crew was moving him 1/2 mile at a time up the side of Townes Pass.  Getting in fluids wasn't going very well.

Ken and I decided to keep him moving a little more. We started having him move 1 mile at  time.  I spent the first 90 minutes with him taking an inventory and re-motivating him to keep moving and continue with fluids and food.  We got him up and over the pass and had a nice downhill into Panamint Springs.  Between Ken and I we ran/walked him into town, and arrived at 6am. The sun was making its way over the mountain which brightened the morning sky.  A little tough love during the night gave way to a brighter morning to come.

1:04 spent in PS was great.  Darren got to lay down for 45 minutes while the Ms. "Foot Doctor" did her magic on his feet. His feet are 100% better than 2009. Cannot even explain how great that is. He had a few minor blisters we were doing maintenance on, however having someone who specializes in foot care, was a spectacular.

Ordered up some breakfast  - eggs, potatoes and pancakes.  Tossed a good portion in his stomach, with a few sips of coffee.  Off we went at 7:10am.  Another hike up the side of another mountain pass.  Ken did most of the pacing, and I took a few 3 mile stints (I happen to be nursing a few blisters from yesterdays run in the desert).

Darren was in fantastic spirits and his competitive nature started to take shape.  He was starting to catch some runners, which made him happier and he didn't have to chat to just us so much.  His motivation was great as we passed our crew time onto Audrey,  Duane and Ken.  There was a view point at mile 80.2, where the crew met us for the handoff.  A little update to the crew, and encouraging words of how he was and to continue the tough love, we took off.

We got to see our friend Bonnie, who was blazing her way across the sky and approaching mile 90.

We've checked into our little hotel, had some lunch (all homemade! hit the spot!), a short dip in the pool, and then nap time.

We are to wait around till Darren gets to Lone Pine, however we think the 42 mile trek will take a little longer than expected, so Ken and I will head out to meet the crew around 5pm PST to see where he is at.

Ken and Jessica. Over. Out.


  1. Awesome job, Crew!!!

    Darren, we are so rooting for you at home! Your strength and courage are like no one I've ever met. Your Dad is watching from Heaven and so proud of you! Your kids have a hero for a Father! The many people you are going to help with the $13,000.00 you raised are waiting to thank you for your kind efforts!!
    You own that pavement, D. You own this journey!! "Lose yourself!" Keep up the strong attitude!!!

  2. Darren, keep it up buddy! Your mental strength is like no one I have ever met. Can't wait to hear all about your entire 135 mile journey! Cheers!