Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update from Audrey, Duane and Ken - 3:20pm PST - mile 96.


  1. You've got this Darren! Step by step...keep the faith. The open road is yours and the finish line is near. You will conquer this feat and you will do it to the extreme. Feel the positive vibes from everyone you touched by dedicating yourself to this awesome journey. We are here for you and we are proud of you!


    PS: Watch for some homemade chocolate chip cookies upon your return :)

  2. Darren- you've come so far. You will do this!! Just one foot in front of the other.. I know- right about now you're thinking- easier said than done-right? But if you give up now- you'll have regrets when you're feeling better. Keep going- so many are rooting for you, people you don't even know believe in your spirit and ability- right now! The finish line is right there for you! Go Get It!
    cheers!!! (Really!)